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Of Dazzling Black

This website provides information on dogs of kennel
"Of Dazzling black".
Activities that are undertaken with them are reported,
the results of those activities
and all remarkable facts and issues.

The year 2018 in words and photos

This logo is my property! Don't steel it!

Already for many years I have Belgian Shepherds - Groenendaels. My great hobby is to undertake activities with them.
I am or have been involved in Obedience, agility, IPO, tracking and SAR.
Besides that I join all kinds of activities that I come across.

Because I think you should do something with a Groenendael, all my dogs are trained with.
In that I try to focus on activities that meet the capacity and interest of each dog.

Breeding dogs is one of the activities, but it will never become a main goal.
On the other hand the interest in dog sports does influence my view on breeding.
The breeding goal therefore is: healthy, sporty Groenendaels with a good character.

Thea van Niekerk
Boterbloemweide 29
8255 JS Swifterbant
tel: +31.(0)321-318682

He is your friend,
your partner,
your defender,
your dog

You are his life,
his love,
his leader

He will be yours,
faithful and true,
to the last beat
of his heart

You owe it to him
to be worthy
of such